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A Limited Collection of Philippine Shark NFTs

200 Philippine Sharks as NFTs


Octopus&Whale is set to release a collection of unique art NFTs that represent the 200 species of Philippine sharks, many of which are critically endangered and extremely rare.


The Philippines is the center of marine biodiversity in the world, with around 200 species of sharks present in our seas. Most of them are now very hard to find. Each day, more and more sharks are lost to overfishing, shark product trade, habitat destruction, and unregulated tourism.

This project aims to fund the conservation efforts of the Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines and lobby for the protection of threatened sharks.



• Total Supply: 200 1/1 NFTs 

   of the 200 shark species in the Philippines

• Mint Price: 222 Matic

• Mint Date: 30 March 2022, 2:00 PM GMT+8


The Philippines has plenty of threatened, even rare, shark species, which play a vital role in regulating ecological balance. However, most Filipinos are not aware of this. By turning them into NFTs, we bring them to a place where their rarity is valued and appreciated.

Other than sharks, you will also find rays and chimaeras in the collection. Sharks, rays and chimaeras belong to the same class Chondrichthyes. One quarter of all sharks, rays and chimaeras are categorized as threatened (Vulnerable, Endangered, or Critically Endangered) on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species, or are predicted to be threatened based on their large body size and exposure to fisheries. 

Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines is a non-profit, non-stock organization that aims to support the conservation and protection of marine wildlife species and their habitats in the Philippines. They have been fighting for better legislation to conserve the Philippine’s shark, ray and chimaera resources. Learn more:

Each NFT will contain scientific information about each shark, ray and chimaera in its metadata. The collection’s rarity will be matched with the real rarity of these species.


An evolving collection, the sharks, rays and chimaeras are designed based on the current data in the published “Pating Ka Ba? An Identification Guide to Sharks, Batoids, and Chimaeras of the Philippines” by MWWP. Once an updated version is published, the team will update the NFT’s metadata to reflect changes in the art.

After the sale, we will display the entire collection in an online gallery. This will be the first online registry of the 200 known Philippine sharks, rays and chimaeras. This can be used for awareness and education so that more people can get to know the species.

See minting detail below:


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Octopus&Whale is an award-winning game and brand experience design agency based in the Philippines. Their passion for exploring uncharted territories and experimenting with emerging technologies have taken them from advertising to art in the metaverse.


BayaniChain is a Filipino blockchain development company with a vision of accelerating decentralization and digital asset adoption in the country. They practice the bayanihan spirit by onboarding the Philippine markets to the wonders of Web 3.0.


Likha by BayaniChain is the Philippines’ premier NFT Marketplace where Filipino artists and brands can easily mint, manage, and market their NFTs. Built on top of the Polygon Network, Likha curates only the best Filipino projects with a focus on being socially responsible and environmentally sustainable.

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